Highlights and feedback paper: National Climate Change Strategy 2012 panel discussion

Just two weeks ago, we had a productive open discussion on what can be done to improve Singapore’s National Climate Change Strategy 2012 (NCCS-2012). We were extremely glad to have the National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) with us that evening, and felt very honoured to have Permanent Secretary Mr Tan Yong Soon kick off the panel discussion, which comprised of well-respected changemakers in the environmental industry.

Many interesting viewpoints were raised in the four key areas of households, transport, industry, and clean technology. Panellists covered topics such as slowing down migration, national rationing exercises, education in schools and to the community, behavioural change, a bicycle sharing scheme, redeveloping a new set of 3Rs, carbon capture and storage/utilisation, a softer approach by the government, and the need to act quickly.

Green Drinks participants were also ready to offer their industry and community viewpoints. To find out what was discussed in that session, you can download the transcription and our suggestions here – Feedback on Singapore’s National Climate Change Strategy 2012, which we have submitted to the National Climate Change Secretariat. Thank you to everyone that helped make this happen, especially Eugene Tay, who suggested that we do this panel discussion in the first place.


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