Documentary screening on Nov 10: End of the Line

In this event that is led by Impact Investment Exchange Asia, we are collaborating with them, Sinema and Young NTUC for a documentary screening of End of the Line. Please see details below.

Join Impact Chats this November for its second movie screening of the year!

Held in collaboration with Sinema, Green Drinks Singapore and Young NTUC, join us for an evening screening of the film The End of the Line, followed by a discussion about the overfishing situation facing Asia today and the resources and innovations that are within our powers to create change.

In the battle of fish versus people, people are winning and that ultimately makes us the losers as our oceans resources are depleting faster than its replenishment rate.

The End of the Line is not a movie against fishing or against eating fish. Rather, join us Thursday evening, November 10 starting at 7pm for a movie that challenges the way we look at seafood and how we should adopt a more responsible attitude towards our oceans.

Where have the all fish gone? In another few years, without responsible and sustainable behavior change on our part, we may have eaten them all.

Sign up at:

We hope to see you there!

See the trailer here:

Image taken from the Cinematic Intelligence Agency


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