TODAY: PUB to install 55 more CCTV cameras in flood-prone areas

The Public Utilities Board will be installing CCTVs to monitor flood-prone areas by early December. TODAY reports.

PUB to install 55 more CCTV cameras in flood-prone areas

SINGAPORE – Following a successful trial – in which six CCTV cameras were fitted along Bukit Timah Road to monitor the area during heavy rain – the PUB will install another 55 CCTVs at other flood-prone areas here by early next month.

These CCTV cameras will help to monitor real-time conditions in the areas and allow faster response. The announcement comes ahead of an expectation of more rainy days ahead in the next few weeks.

The Meteorological Service Singapore said yesterday that higher than average rainfall is expected for this north-east monsoon season, which will fall between the middle of this month and end-January.

The north-east monsoon season is characterised by short-duration thundery showers mainly in the afternoon and evening, and about two to four episodes of monsoon surges.

The long-term average number of rainy days is 19 in November, 19 in December and 15 in January.

The PUB has distributed flood advisories to 371 residential units and shop-houses in the central, western and eastern regions. According to the board, these are low-lying areas, some of which are also subject to tidal influence.

Apart from informing the occupants of the possibility of flash floods, information on the precautions they could take to protect their belongings is also provided, it said.

The PUB is also working with building owners on the measures that they could implement to provide additional protection for their premises.

For instance, Liat Towers and Tong Building have installed flood gates.

The PUB will also expand its network of sensors to track water levels at drains and canals and has stepped up its drainage maintenance regime to minimise the risk of flash floods.

Apart from the regular weather forecast, the National Environment Agency will issue warnings when heavy rain is expected.

Image taken from Hannaford


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