Panasonic’s interactive effort to drive change through social media

In June 2010, Panasonic rolled out ‘Make a Change’ to get people pledging to become more eco-friendly, then in the first quarter of 2011, Panasonic introduced Channel E to encourage environmental journalism. Last month, Panasonic launched ‘You’re Under Arrest’, a fun, lighthearted way to raise awareness of urban environmental crimes like leaving the lights, television and/or air conditioning on when not in the room.

This ‘You’re Under Arrest’ Facebook campaign encourages the public to share eco tips with their personal social networks through an application which they can use to single out their friends on unenvironmental habits. If you are keen to be kept informed or participate in Panasonic Asia’s social media campaigns, ‘Like” their Facebook page.  The current campaign ends this month, so do check it out.


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