Green job: Director, NUS Office of Environmental Sustainability

NUS’ Office of Environmental Sustainability is looking for a Director. Details below.

Reporting to the Deputy President (Administration), the Director will be expected to function as the organizational strategist to help NUS become a model for sustainability in higher education.

The Director will also create the strategy to integrate sustainability into both the operational and academic functions of the University, network with and facilitate internal and external resources to accomplish that goal, and evaluate the needs of the University community. Further, this position will be responsible for developing programs and new initiatives to enhance NUS’ stature and create detailed implementation plans for those initiatives, oversee the management and implementation of a comprehensive program with the mission to minimize NUS’ environmental footprint, support new initiatives for sustainable development, support program integration and realize meaningful operational cost savings through efficiency programs.

Program initiatives would span multiple program areas including, but not limited to:
• Energy: efficiency, renewables, transportation, green buildings
• Resources: building practices, material recycling, waste minimization
• Systems: tools for measuring, rating and managing environmental
• Education: student and faculty engagement, research, collaboration
• Outreach: engaging internal and external stakeholders

The Director will need to create and implement communication strategies to promote broad awareness of initiatives and develop a University-wide process and organizational structure to support sustainability inquiry, change, and assessment. Ideally, the position will build effective partnerships and relationships with external organisations and NUS alliances and establish effective linkages with units across campus that may have sustainability initiatives in process or as part of their overall strategy. The Director will also coordinate, support, and expand opportunities for faculty, staff, students and administrators to learn about sustainability issues throughout the academic and operational dimensions of University life.

Within the context of the five-year plan, the Director will develop annual plans that set out specific objectives and targets to be achieved with resource requirement. This will be done in all areas of responsibility based on analysis of records and trends. The Director is also expected to supervise the implementation of the plan and to continually monitor performance in order to ensure overall conformance to the plans.

The responsibility also includes management of the activities of subordinate staff, including the assignment of duties, responsibilities and setting of priorities. The Director is expected to ensure that all employees are motivated to contribute fully to the realization of NUS’ mission, vision, goals and objectives and provides ongoing performance evaluation in order to assist with the development of their skills and abilities. Further, the Director will facilitate the training development of the employees and encourage staff to identify innovative approaches to enhance organizational performance.

The ideal candidate should hold a Bachelor’s degree, with an advanced degree in an appropriate field preferred. The candidate should have substantial experience addressing environmental issues and a record of accomplishment.

Download Application Form.

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