Channel NewsAsia: Inspiring S’poreans to take ownership of conservation

Channel NewsAsia today reported that the Clean and Green Singapore 2012 campaign launches this weekend, and its organisers wish to encourage more Singaporeans to get involved in conservation.

Inspiring S’poreans to take ownership of conservation

SINGAPORE : The new Clean and Green Singapore 2012 campaign wants to appeal to individuals’ emotional links with the environment, to encourage more people to do their part for conservation.

The annual campaign will be launched this weekend.

“World Without Fences” won the National Environment Agency’s (NEA) Eco-Music Challenge in August.

Produced by NEA, the music video was partially filmed on Pulau Semakau, an offshore landfill with scenic landscaping and vibrant biodiversity.

Organisers of the Clean and Green Singapore campaign hopes the video will appeal to viewers.

Pun Wui Mei, chair person of Clean & Green Singapore 2012, said: “We hope that through this emotional connection, people will actually have this desire, this feel to really care for the environment. That means they will start (taking) action. For example, they can start using fans instead of air-conditioning…all these little ways count.”

Organisers hope people will recognise that small individual efforts count towards making a big difference by the community.

They said that while environmental awareness among Singaporeans is high, the challenge is to get them to put this into action.

So they are taking a “ground-up approach” this time round, by getting community groups, non-governmental organisations and schools to share their green efforts with individuals at the campaign’s launch carnival, to inspire them to do their part.

Ms Pun said: “Involving the community, involving the community volunteers is also another way of emotional links that we hope to achieve because it is not what the National Environment Agency says, it is not what the agencies want to educate, but rather, this year, we hope to get the community volunteers to be the face, to be the voice.

“By sharing their experiences, we will create this emotional link between the community and the residents. So through this, they can start to translate what they know into actions because people have done it before, so they can do it too.”

In conjunction with the Clean and Green Singapore campaign, the National Parks Board (NParks) is adding five new DIY trail guides to the existing 23 over the next two months. These will highlight historical landmarks and interesting flora and fauna. NParks started these trail guides last year and said they were popular among park users.

The new guides will cover Admiralty Park, Changi Point Coastal Walk, Lower Peirce and the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The guides can be found on NParks’ website, and it said there have been more than 40,000 downloads for the guides in the first nine months of the year.


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