The Straits Times: Punggol waterway to be completed in October

My Waterway@Punggol is slated for opening on Oct 23. The site includes features such as a waterway, vertical greening, and water curtains.

The Straits Times story below.

Punggol waterway to be completed in October

A scenic man-made waterway that cuts a meandering path through the Punggol neighbourhood is due to be completed in October.

The 4.2km stretch contains an eco-drain that filters rainwater, but the Housing Board (HDB) has made it look as natural and attractive as possible.

Called My Waterway@Punggol, it will be lined with walking and cycle paths that connect the Serangoon and Punggol reservoirs.

There will also be a 280m long ‘Heartwave Wall’ decked in greenery and featuring stories from the area’s history.

‘We worked with consultants in order to incorporate vertical greening, and even water curtains,’ said Mr Alan Tan, deputy managing director of the HDB’s Building Research Institute.

An opening ceremony will be held on Oct 23.

Plans to turn Punggol into a waterfront town were first outlined in Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s 2007 National Day Rally speech.

The idea has taken root with Singaporeans, boosting demand for build-to-order flats there – even though they are more expensive than those in some other areas.

Waterway Terraces 1 was 12 times oversubscribed when it was launched in July 2010.

Administrative assistant Fabian Lau, 24, bought a four-room unit in the development. He is now looking forward to morning jogs along the park connector when his new home is ready by 2015.

‘One of the main reasons I bought the flat is because it’s facing the water,’ he said. ‘The view is very good and it’s definitely worth the higher price tag.’

Image taken by Barnie Leow


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