Channel NewsAsia: Council formed to keep S’pore clean

Channel NewsAsia has reported that the National Environment Agency (NEA) has put together a Public Hygiene Council, in an effort to encourage Singaporeans to stop littering and practise good hygiene. The public is welcome to give their feedback at

Council formed to keep S’pore clean

SINGAPORE: The National Environment Agency (NEA) has formed a new Public Hygiene Council, in its latest effort to keep Singapore clean.

It wants Singaporeans to stop littering and practise good hygiene by influencing public attitudes.

The Public Hygiene Council, chaired by Khoo Teck Puat Hospital CEO Liak Teng Lit, comprises 21 individuals representing the public sector, environment groups and related industries.

They include Ms Tan Puay Hoon, president of the Restroom Association (Singapore), Mr Eugene Heng, chairman of the Waterways Watch Society, Dr Foo Suan Fong, principal of Dunman High School and Mr Edward Goh, chief operating officer of Purechem Veolia Environmental Services.

The plan is to tap their collective experience for ideas, which will in turn complement NEA’s initiatives.

The NEA already has a whole slew of campaigns, from anti-littering to getting people to use public toilets more responsibly.

But it said there is a limit to their effectiveness, and in order to see progress, behaviour and attitudes need to change. That is where the council comes in.

Streets will continue to be swept, and strict penalties against offenders will still apply.

But there will now be a more coordinated attempt at changing public behaviour through the community.

Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Vivian Balakrishnan said: “I still believe we need to make sure it is clean in the morning; you still need to maintain that.

“If a person is habitually anti-social, I need to make sure there is a high probability that he will be caught.

“Thirdly and most importantly, I want his neighbours to care. And frankly, neighbours know who are the guilty ones.”

Public Hygiene Council chairman Liak Teng Lit said: “Every single Singaporean really needs to take ownership.

“Do the right thing, and advocate for it, stand up for it. When people do not do the right thing, they really ought to be able to stand forward and say, that’s not right.”

The council is inviting feedback on its website,

Image taken from tuis


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