Carbon Finance Training 2011

Nexus-Carbon for Development, a non profit alliance of low carbon technology project developers, are hosting a carbon finance training in October 17-19. Please see details below, and this programme outline.

Carbon Finance Training 2011

The Carbon Finance Training 2011 brought to you by NEXUS-Carbon for Development is a three days training on commercializing carbon credits generated from low carbon technology projects. The 3 day training will provide participants practical tools on assessing the viability of carbon financing for carbon projects, identifying the different stages of the carbon project life cycle, and understanding the different methodologies and project documentation needed to bring low carbon technology projects into the environmental market.

The training provides conceptual and practical understanding of the forces causing climate change, the global legal and institutional framework, and the dynamics of opportunities arising from carbon markets. In particular, the training will detail the processes and challenges involved in obtaining carbon finance for emissions reduction projects, with a strong focus on projects in developing countries that not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but make tangible contributions to sustainable development as well. The training will equip participants with a solid and practical knowledge of carbon finance.

Who Should Join
Development and/or environmental NGOs
Environmental project developers
Businesses and other institutions seeking to interact with environmental markets

About Nexus
Nexus-Carbon for Development has a long standing experience in supporting its member organizations in developing carbon projects.

For more information please visit,

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