New Straits Times: S’pore to hand over 4 water plants to Johor

AsiaOne republished this New Straits Times story on the expiry of the Water Agreement between Johor and Singapore.

S’pore to hand over 4 water plants to Johor

JOHOR BARU – The expiry of the 50-year tenure of the 1961 Water Agreement between Johor and Singapore will see the republic’s Public Utilities Board (PUB) handing over four water facilities to the state government on Aug 31.

State Economic Affairs deputy director Mohd Noor Azam Osman told a press briefing here on Friday that Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry deputy secretary-general (Energy) Loo Took Gee would be at the Gunung Pulai treatment plant, located 2.5km from the Pontian junction, for the handover ceremony.

The Sultan of Johor, Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, state secretary Datuk Abdul Latif Yusof and all state executive councillors will be there along with Singapore’s Community Development, Youth and Sports Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan and Senior Minister of State for National Development and Education, Grace Fu, and PUB officials.

The four waterworks and facilities comprise the Skudai water treatment plant, Gunung Pulai water treatment plant, Pontian pump house and Tebrau pump house.

The 1961 Water Agreement was signed between the Johor government and Singapore city council before it was taken over by the PUB, a statutory board of the Environment and Water Resources Ministry. The agreement was signed during the British colonial rule.

Under the agreement, Johor sells raw water to Singapore at three sen (S$0.01) per 1,000 gallons and buys the treated water from the republic at 50 sen per 1,000 gallons.

Image taken from bcfoto70


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