Green job: Asia Finance and Commodities Specialist at WWF

There is a position open at WWF for an Asia Finance and Commodities Specialist, details below.

WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), the world’s leading conservation organization is recruiting an Asia Finance and Commodities Specialist.

WWF’s work with financial institutions (FIs) aims to link WWF interests in key regions, industry sectors and issues–particularly climate, water and biodiversity–with emerging interests and drivers in the finance sector relating to sustainability risk management and business opportunities. As part of this program WWF intends to recruit a Finance and Commodities Specialist for Asia. The work in this area will include strategy development in WWF regional offices, policy guidance with partner FIs, and the development of new financial products that support more sustainable supply chains.  The post will probably be based in Singapore, but alternate locations might be considered depending on the candidate.


  • At least five years working experience of in the area of finance and sustainability and a proven track record of engaging successfully with financial institutions on these matters;
  • An ability to analyze sustainability issues and to effectively communicate these to  financial institution partners;
  • Strong coordination and team work experience  and excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to work in a networked environment , with a proven ability to define and defend priorities;
  • A proven record of self motivation and working in isolation from immediate peers, as well as project management, budget management and communication skills;

Full job description can be found on

Interested applicants should email a CV and cover letter to by 7 August 2011

Image taken from WWF


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