Smarter, greener schools for Singapore

IBM has handed out a US$100,000 grant to Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), who along with the Ministry of Education (MOE), will design energy management systems and promote the importance of energy efficiency in 20 school buildings as part of ‘Project Green Insights’.  Eco-Business reports.

Smarter, greener schools for Singapore

Singapore schools are about to get greener with a US$100,000 grant from global technology firm IBM for improving energy management in 20 school buildings, a move intended to create a new benchmark in energy efficiency for schools nationwide.

IBM announced yesterday it would give the award to the non-profit Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) for ‘Project Green Insights’, a collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE) to design energy management systems and raise awareness of energy efficiency at selected school buildings.

“The Singapore Green Building Council is proud to partner with IBM to bring ‘Project Green Insights’ to our schools. Through this, we hope to educate our next generation on the importance of going green even in our schools,” said SGBC president Tai Lee Siang in a statement. He added that the green building movement can only be achieved through close collaboration between government, industry partners and end-users.

The SGBC grant is largest of the 11 awards handed out globally as part of IBM’s plan to celebrate its 100th year anniversary by donating volunteer expertise and nearly US$1 million to non-profits and educational institutions around the world.

‘Project Green Insights’ will equip the 20 pilot schools with networks of smart meters that will allow the entire school community to track energy consumption using cloud-based software. By tracking their energy usage on an easily accessible dashboard, students and staff will be able to identify ways of reducing their energy usage for lighting and air-conditioning.

IBM Corporate affairs representative Yap Hwee Hoon said IBM volunteers will help the school communities implement the system and sharpen their understanding of the project’s objectives. They would also provide mentorship to staff and students on sustainability practices, he added.

The pilot schools such as the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College East welcomed the interactive approach to greening their school buildings. “As one of the pilot schools for ‘Project Green Insights,’ ITE College East is proud to be able to collaborate with SGBC, IBM and other partners to play an active role in doing more to protect our environment in Singapore,” said ITE principal Eden Liew.

MOE’s director of finance, Evelyn Khoo, said the pilot schools would set a benchmark for greener and smarter buildings for the education community in Singapore as well as in the region.

An IBM representative told Eco-Business the schools have not yet set specific energy saving targets, but would use the data collected over the next year to set goals guided by national energy efficiency targets and to prepare for energy audits.

“Through such efforts, we also hope to rally staff, students, parents and visitors of the schools behind a longer-term sustainability effort,” said Ms Khoo.

Image taken from Singapore Green Building Council


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