Channel NewsAsia: Symbolic ‘green’ act in Jurong

The Dairy Farm Group, South West Community Development Council, and the National Environment Agency’s “Little Green Ambassadors Programme” includes a campaign to educate pre-school children on environmental habits. As part of this campaign, a world record attempt was organised – and achieved – yesterday, where 1,500 pinwheels were set up in Jurong. Channel NewsAsia reports.

Symbolic ‘green’ act in Jurong

SINGAPORE: A park in Jurong was dotted on Saturday morning with over 1,500 pinwheels, all in the name of going green!

The pinwheels are made of bamboo and recycled paper, and the effort won organisers a spot in the Singapore Book of Records.

It’s part of a campaign launched on Saturday to teach preschool children to reduce their use of plastic bags and the importance of going green.

The “Little Green Ambassadors Programme” was initiated by the Dairy Farm Group together with South West Community Development Council and the National Environment Agency.

A pilot scheme ran between April and June, involving some 100 preschools.

During the pilot programme, preschool children were given special stickers whenever they refused plastic bags at the participating stores.

A company spokesperson said that as a result of the programme, it gave out 800,000 fewer plastic bags across its 800 stores compared to the same period last year.

Image taken from Brit.


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