URA invites public feedback on a possible ‘Rail Corridor’

Last week, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) called on public feedback for the rail corridor, also known as the green corridor to members of the public.  Until 17 July, the public will be allowed to trek the length of the railway, except for certain areas.

Would you like to name the rail corridor? You can send in your suggestions by 31 July.

The Straits Times article on this below.

URA invites public feedback on a possible ‘Rail Corridor’

THE 26km tract of railway lands that were returned to Singapore on Friday may be kept a continuous green stretch and could even be linked to existing park connectors.

On its website, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) also suggested that the stretch from Tanjong Pagar to Woodlands could one day add to the planned 150km round-the-island park connector network, or be a linear park like New York City’s High Line, itself once part of an elevated railroad track.

The so-called ‘Rail Corridor’, the URA said, will offer people new choices of outdoor activities. ‘We hope that it will encourage people to explore parts of Singapore that were less accessible before,’ it said.

Last year, nature and heritage groups asked the Government to conserve what they term the Green Corridor, which comprises not just the recently returned KTM lands but also a 14km western stretch of railway towards Jurong. They argued that the 173.7ha expanse was home to rare birds and animals, and a key part of Singapore’s natural and national heritage.

Since then, more than a thousand people have been on guided or independent walks along the tracks.

The URA did not say when it would make a decision, but it is inviting more public feedback on the Rail Corridor at its dedicated website.

Image taken from The Green Corridor


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