The World Leadership Conference hits our shores next week!

The biennial World Leadership Conference (WLC) will be held in Singapore next week from 11 – 15th July, at the NTUC Auditorium and *SCAPE.

Set to be larger in scale with more participating countries this time around, the conference brings together young leaders with grassroots and international experiences, members of internationally established civil society organizations, and green collared job workers and players in the Green Industry. This event serves as an Asia-Pacific build up towards the Rio + 20 summit, and gives the region an opportunity to learn more about the Rio Summit, the issues of sustainable development and more importantly, capacity building for the countries in Asia, especially the young leaders.

Some notable speakers from the event include Regional Director of the UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP)- Young Park Woo and Maran Gopalakrishnan, Media mogul Ted Turner, and Director of Communications for wind energy solutions provider VESTAS in Singapore.

Do visit their website for more information and for tickets.


This year, we are expecting about 500 participants given the momentum it has built up and the importance of the Rio + 20 summit. The conference also aims to be a brokerage area for different sectors of society to learn, exchange ideas and see how we as a region can move towards environmental sustainability. The World Leadership Conference 2011 also wants to highlight the young environmental leaders to the rest of society.


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