The Straits Times: Singapore launches Electric Vehicle test bed

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Taskforce, consisting of Energy Market Authority (EMA) and Land Transport Authority (LTA) are testing the feasibility of electric vehicles in Singapore. The Straits Times reports.

Singapore launches Electric Vehicle test bed

SINGAPORE may finally adopt electric vehicles in a big way, depending on what the Electric Vehicle (EV) Taskforce finds in their latest project – the electric vehicle test-bed.

The inter-agency Electric Vehicle (EV) Taskforce, led by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and Land Transport Authority (LTA), announced the launch of the project on Saturday. Its objective is to test and gauge different EV prototypes and charging technologies in the local urban environment.

The launch will bring with it five charging stations, five Mitsubishi i-MiEVs, four smart electric drive Daimler vehicles and the first batch of participants comprising LTA, Ministry of Manpower, Mitsubishi Corporation and Senoko Energy. More facilities will be added as the programme progresses.

The test bed will be in place from now till the end of 2013, to provide an adequate period for data collection.

EV users’ charging and driving patterns, among other data, will be logged to gain a better understanding of EV technologies, business models and user preferences.

Mr Chew Hock Yong, chief executive of LTA, said that the test-bed ‘marks a significant milestone for land transport in Singapore’ and will eventually lead to a ‘better living environment in Singapore’.

Image from Greenlots


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