The Straits Times: NTU’s ‘Batmobile’ gears up for eco-marathon

The Nanyang Technological University is entering two eco cars for the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia next month. The Straits Times reports.

NTU’s ‘Batmobile’ gears up for eco-marathon

The Nanyang Technological University unveiled its newest eco-car yesterday – one of two NTU entries in the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia in Sepang, Kuala Lumpur, next month. The diesel-powered Nanyang Venture IV (right), resembling a Batmobile, weighs less than 50kg, due to its advanced carbon fibre reinforced polymer body shell, and has a high-tech telemetry suite complete with on-board camera and sensors. The car is expected to clock 1,000km using just one litre of diesel.

The other NTU entry, the Nanyang Venture III (left), is a solar-powered car that won in its category in Sepang last year. With better electric motor and parts added, it is expected to surpass its own record of 316km per litre.

Image taken from The Straits Times


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