Bare Your Sole 2011

The annual Bare Your Sole is back! Join the 2.5/4 km barefoot walk, and contribute to the building of homes in developing countries. Prices start from $20 for students and go up to $90 for a family of four. However much more you wish to donate is left to your discretion.

See below for details.

Bare Your Sole 2011

Everyday, people in developing  countries & disaster-stricken places make their way through these  undesirable conditions – barefoot. The Habitat-Barclays Bare Your Sole 2011 barefoot walk is an initiative that lets us all support these children and adults who live in dire conditions, raising much needed funds for projects to improve these people’s living  conditions by building homes and fighting poverty.

Date:  18 June 2011
Time:  9 am – 1 pm
Location:  Gardens by the Bay East (Rhu Cross)

Flag off time is at 9am

Food, music, games and entertainment will run from  8.30 am to 1.00 pm

For more information, please visit their website.

Image taken from Bare Your Soul 2011


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