A new green printer in town!

A Singapore based green social enterprise has just been launched. Green Prints Singapore is a 24/7 green printing company that aims to provide affordable sustainable alternative paper to avoid further taxing our forests.

Some of their alternative paper sources include:

  •  Sugarcane waste
  • Wheat husk
  • Panda poop (Bamboo-based)
  • Pulverized rock
  • FSC-certified paper
  • Red algae paper
  • Recycled paper
  • Normal sustainable farm paper is also available
Green Prints has a clear objective of encouraging the use sustainable paper instead of normal paper. Thus, they price their alternative paper competitively and comparatively to normal paper without the compromise of quality. They also print and deliver 24/7. Take a look at their Green Prints Costing pdf to learn more about their printing prices and their Green Prints Singapore Catalogue to find out more about the company.
Should you require their services, contact Green Prints at:
Email: greenprints@greenhouse.sg
HP: 97578421 (24-hour line)
Tel: 91145447

Image taken from Green Prints Singapore


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