Channel NewsAsia: April 22 declared as “Youth for the Environment Day”

Channel NewsAsia recently reported that April 22, also Earth Day, has been declared “Youth for the Environment Day” by the government. The article is in full below.

Channel News Asia: April 22 declared as “Youth for the Environment Day” 

SINGAPORE: The government has declared April 22 as the “Youth for the Environment Day”, coinciding with the annual celebration of the international Earth Day.

The move is part of efforts to promote clean and green living, according to the National Environment Agency (NEA), a statutory board of the Ministry for the Environment and Water Resources tasked to protect the city-state’s air, land and water resources.

The NEA, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, said April 22 will be marked in the national education calendar for all schools in Singapore.

The schools will observe the day by organising environment-related activities to promote energy efficiency, recycling, good public health practices, nature appreciation and a litter-free environment.

Over 130 schools are expected to observe the Youth for the Environment Day.

Image taken from Pranav Prakash


One thought on “Channel NewsAsia: April 22 declared as “Youth for the Environment Day”

  1. The government is making a good, strategic move on many schools to promote good environmental practices for our future, but hopefully not come with additional costs for many Singaporeans in the future!
    We love our country….however, our initiatives can be possibly focused on a larger scale too. Let’s walk the talk!
    As a suggestion, perhaps all government bodies can consider and hopefully come up with initiatives for the army, police force and the civil defence vehicles to be petrol free by converting all into more fuel efficient or maybe biodiesel or something more environmentally conscious perhaps? Their building lights all using energy saving bulbs and have “green” areas throughout the locations?
    Policemen should use bicycles more than just driving (and wasting petrol and tax payers monies) around most times, especially if distances covered are short and manageable. If an arrest is made, they can perhaps call for a car to transport the person back to station perhaps, to save on a lot of cost.
    Hope this feedback can be a seroius consideration and thought.

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