Channel News Asia: Going green through virtual building design

Channel News Asia posted late last week that companies are increasingly turning to virtual building design models, as opposed to building mock-ups to cut cost and their carbon footprint.


Channel News Asia: Going green through virtual building design

SINGAPORE: An estimated 40 per cent of total global energy consumption is attributable to buildings.

And while 3D design, engineering and entertainment software is not something that you would often associate with building design, it is something that an increasing number of companies are turning to. They are using virtual solutions as an alternative to show flats and building mock-ups to cut costs and their carbon footprint.

As a result, Autodesk, a global supplier of 3D design, is seeing its fastest growth coming from Asia Pacific.

Patrick Williams, Senior Vice President of Autodesk Asia Pacific, said: “In the beginning it was kind of a battle cry and a lot of people were passionate about it now it’s becoming more real and so we have a lot more examples of cost saving that are being achieved.

“We worked with Marriott hotel. For example, they were previously doing all of their designs physical prototypes – information modelling – they cut their cost by 91 per cent.”

Autodesk said that in the region their business grew by 21 per cent last year, compared to the company’s overall growth of 14 per cent.

Mr Williams said: “We expect that to continue looking at the opportunities in Asia Pacific, both in the emerging economies as well as the mature markets. We are about 25 per cent of the company’s overall business and it is my job to ensure that we continue to grow that business over time.”

Such intelligent models can cater to solutions for architecture; structural engineering; and mechanical, electrical and plumbing solutions. And according to some research houses, close to 30 per cent of all new buildings in Asia Pacific are expected to be green by 2015.


Image taken from selliot


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