Channel News Asia: Gamesa opens advanced materials research centre in Singapore

Channel News Asia reported that Gamesa has started a wind energy research centre in Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Singapore will not harness wind energy, but the research helps put Singapore on the map. The article is in full below.


Channel News Asia: Gamesa opens advanced materials research centre in Singapore

SINGAPORE : Spanish wind technology leader Gamesa has opened its advanced materials research centre in Singapore.

The lab is housed at the Nanyang Technological University and will focus on improving the performance of Gamesa’s giant wind turbines.

Wind energy is not harnessed in Singapore, but the Economic Development Board said this research lab will put the Republic on the map for global wind energy research.

While the future of nuclear energy is now uncertain, Gamesa sees wind energy gaining space in the renewable energy portfolios of many countries.

This includes Asia, which represents 38 per cent of Gamesa’s global sales today.

Jorge Calvet, chairman and CEO of Gamesa, said: “India is going to increase its investment in wind. China will continue with its very aggressive plan of investing in wind and we will see other countries in Southeast Asia coming on line with wind energy as well.

“It will not substitute any other form of renewable energy, or any other form of energy, but it will have to increase its percentage in this portfolio.”


Image taken from nikkorsnapper


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