The Straits Times: Self reliance on water supply by 2061

The Straits Times published a short article in accordance with World Water Day 2011 activities that were held at the Marina Barrage.  The article is in full below.

20 March 2011, Sunday: Self reliance on water supply by 2061

SINGAPORE’S water supply will be sufficient for the nation’s needs by 2061 even if there is no new water agreement with Malaysia after the second Water Agreement runs out fifty years from now, said Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.

Speaking to the 8,000 guests who attended Singapore’s World Water Day 2011 at Marina Barrage on Sunday morning, SM Goh urged Singaporeans to play their part in ensuring the sustainability of our water resources by conserving water.

Representatives from the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) were also present to commemorate the event.

Sister Theresa Seow explains that water is a sacred resource used in ritual processes of all religions. In addition, she added that water can give life and take it away just as easily, as seen from natural disasters like the recent tsunami in Japan.

Currently, Singapore consumes approximately 1.73 million cubic-metres daily.

The Four National Taps supply the water necessary to meet this demand. Namely, imported water from Malaysia, water from local catchment areas, NEWater and desalinated water.

So how can you play your part in water conservation? RazorTV finds out.

RazorTV’s World Water Day Part 1 video gets snippets on how Singaporeans conserve water daily. Tips include taking quicker showers and not running the tap unnecessarily (for example, when brushing your teeth). The World Water Day Part 2 video shows SM Goh stressing that despite developmental increases in water supply, our clean water cannot be taken for granted. Corporations and the community alike should make continuous efforts in water conservation.

The government-launched Active, Beautiful, Clean (ABC) Waters Programme aims to bring Singaporeans closer to recreational water spaces both physically and emotionally to aid water conversation. Corporations can play their part by becoming guardians of water in the Public Utilities Board (PUB) Waters Adoption Programme.

Image from Green Future


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