Green Drinks: Looking Beyond Cancun

On the cards this month, we’re doing a special collaboration with Eco-Business

The recent UN climate negotiations in Cancun ended with governments approving the Cancun Agreements. While it has been hailed as progress given the fallout from Copenhagen, critics have slammed the agreement as still not being ambitious enough. What happened in Cancun and how does what happen there affect businesses and individuals? Looking beyond Cancun, what are the next steps and what role can individuals play given the technical/abstract nature of negotiations? Straits Times environment correspondent and founder of Jessica Cheam seeks to answer of these questions.


Date: Thursday, February 24

Time: 7.30pm!

Venue: Artery, 28 Maxwell Road (Ground Floor, Red Dot Traffic Building)
We hope to see you there! Admission is free, as always!

About the Speaker
Jessica Cheam is a correspondent at The Straits Times who reports on property, environment, energy and climate change.
She joined the newspaper full-time in 2006 after being awarded a scholarship by the Singapore Press Holdings to study a Masters in Journalism at London’s Goldsmith College. Her first degree was in Film and English at the University of Warwick. She has also written for London-based publications such as The Independent, The Times and The Ecologist.

Jessica is the founder and editor of the website, which is a leading provider of news and views for Asia Pacific’s environmental business community.She has won a global journalism award at the Earth Journalism Awards, which was held in Copenhagen in December 2009 by Internews and the World Bank. In March 2010, she was named Young Journalist of the Year by Singapore Press Holdings. Most recently, her stories on sustainability won her the first Asean Green Technology Journalism Award by Siemens.


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