Thank you, Dr Jem Bendell and Yvonne!

Always thought-provoking, Dr Jem Bendell of Lifeworth posed several questions to the attendees about consumption, asking “What is a green drink?” Alongside him penning out illustrations was the very talented Yvonne from GoGo Rama, capturing the evening’s thoughts and creatively translating them to pictures. 
Another special guest on the night was Steve McCoy, our favourite neighbour from across the border, of Green Drinks KL. We always love to have him up here with us, and he will be speaking at another of our sessions soon.
We had a crowd of almost 70 on this night. Big thanks also to Negara Pictures for producing a pro bono video of the event , and Italiannies, who let us have practically half the restaurant. Coincidentally, their parent company in Malaysia hosts Green Drinks KL, at The Apartment in KLCC.
LJ making an announcement

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