Carbon tax in the works?

During the 2010 Singapore Energy Lecture two days ago, PM Lee talked about future energy challenges and highlighted two concerns by the government. One – the depletion of fossil fuels, and two, greenhouse gases and global warming.

In addition, he said that Singapore is preparing itself for a new energy future, and listed the ways that the government is working towards it:

  • Investment in knowledge and capabilities, so as to look into future energy options
  • Building a smart energy economy
  • Development of a long term energy masterplan
  • Four key strategies
    • Promotion of competitive markets
    • Diversifying energy supplies
    • Building up its energy infrastructure
    • Investment in energy research and innovation

In addition, PM Lee spoke on nuclear energy and the imposition of a carbon tax, both which are in its study stage.

TODAY has just published this news article on Minister Iswaran’s recap to the media of Singapore’s International Advisory Panel (IAP) on Energy, where he said that it is necessary to look into carbon taxation because it may be implemented once a global treaty is signed.


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