Green Product Test Drive: GROHE Rainshower Icon

Introducing our new segment which is straightforwardly titled Green Product Test Drive.

Our first featured product is the GROHE Rainshower Icon, which won the Red Dot: Best of the Best award last year. GROHE has kindly sent us one of these halo-shaped showerheads to test out. With my father’s approval (and help), we changed the showerhead, which was as easy as unscrewing the old one, and screwing on the new one. It didn’t take more than a minute. 

So what makes it so green?

For the simple fact that it has an EcoButton, which cuts water usage by 40% and the change is barely noticeable when employed.

Personally, I’m a big fan of rain showerheads, as they remind me of holiday villas, of which they are a common feature. 

Well designed and embodying both style and substance, we recommend this to people who do not want to compromise form nor function. Just so you know, to those who are big on high pressured showers, you may not enjoy the gentle pitter patter of water that the Rainshower Icon offers, but it is certainly a great way to save water and of course, your water bill!

The rainbow collection is a limited edition series, and is available in Fresh Green and Subtle Grey. It retails at all GROHE authorised dealers in Singapore for $174.

Check it out!


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