Singapore: Examing its energy future, and locavorism!

In September, we have two inspiring presenters, business strategist  Chris Tobias and brand and design specialist Christina Crane speaking on two very different topics – energy and food. During this session, Chris will explore Singapore’s energy future – its challenges and opportunities, and Christina will share her exciting journey as a locavore in Singapore, her rationale, and its benefits.

The coming decades pose numerous challenges to the human race.  While populations rise, resources such as oil become increasingly under pressure.  What will our societies, communities, and livelihoods look like in an increasingly energy-starved world?  What opportunities are there to reshape and redesign our ways of life, and even capitalise on these challenges?  Chris Tobias, Lead Strategist at Forward will explore these themes and their implications for Singapore and Asia-Pacific.

Christina’s journey of becoming a locavore in Singapore has had its ups and downs, but has overall been a rewarding and worthwhile experience.  She will talk about the why/how/where of eating mainly foods that are grown and produced within a 300km radius of Singapore and the benefits to the environment, health, lifestyle and the community.  She’ll touch on finding snakes in the garden, growing potatoes on the balcony, as well as discovering great Singapore-made chocolates and coffee.]

We hope to see you there!

Date: 30 September, 2010

Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Venue: Artery – Red Dot Traffic Building, #01-04, 28 Maxwell Road

Admission: Free!


About our speakers

Chris Tobias

As the founder and Lead Strategist at Forward, Chris has a passion for innovation and leadership. Originally heralding from Chicago, he’s been active since 2003 around issues of sustainable development.

His specialty is transforming the challenges of our time through forward-focused strategies. Rather than seeing obstacles, he is a lateral thinker who focuses on opportunity. The future will be about creating “thrivability” rather than making existing systems less bad.

Chris has consistently pushed this tangent by inspiring his clients, and also by influencing public opinion on and

Christina Crane

 Christina Crane’s eco-creds are led by her locavorism – eating mostly foods that are grown and produced within a 300km radius of Singapore, ensuring a lower carbon footprint. With 10 years of brand consulting experience in the UK and Singapore for international FMCG packaging design consultancies Drinkworks, Design Bridge and FutureBrand, including leading FutureBrand’s FMCG practice in Asia for 4 years, she has an in-depth knowledge of consumer behavior and building brands from the inside out.

Clients have included Unilever, Procter & Gamble Beauty, Asia Pacific Brewing and Fonterra.  She runs a website on Singapore’s locavore foodshed and is a guest writer on ethical food for Singapore’s Eco Walk the Talk. She believes that we should stop talking about recycling and reusable bags as the ultimate sign of green and get onto more impactful matters.

Christina has a Masters of Management and an MBA from Macquarie University and is the owner of two eco-brand companies.  She will be speaking at the Asian Sustainable Packaging Summit in Singapore in October.


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