Soapmaking Workshop with Alpha Biodiesel

Allan Lim giving an introduction to soapmaking

In June, following the documentary screening of Chemerical, Alpha Biofuels kindly held a soapmaking workshop for Green Drinks Singapore, to around 25 participants. Besides important ingredients like sodium hydroxide and essential oils, Alpha Biofuels provided canola oil and spent cooking oil to give participants the option of making two different types of soap – one gentle enough for using on skin, and the other for dishwashing and householding cleaning.

Allan Lim said that this was the first time they were conducting a soapmaking class for adults and decided experiment with shredded lemongrass and ginger to see what kind of results it would yield.

We hope to organise more of these sessions in future, so do look out for it!

Canola oil being heated to an optimal temperature for mixing
Food colouring, spent cooking oil, and essential oils
The soapmaking class is in session!
Some of the cute moulds provided
Creating soap using different smells and colouring
Pouring it into a mould

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