Let’s campaign for safer skincare and cosmetics in Singapore!

Very soon, we will be starting a campaign for safer skincare and cosmetics in Singapore. It’s about time somebody said something.

It is very unfortunate that most skincare and cosmetic companies, especially big brand names, are using toxic ingredients in their products.  Some can cause cancer, while others affect the brain and reproductive organs. What’s worse is that consumers are not in the know, and believe that pharmacies would have done all the legwork for them already.

Need proof? Visit Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website and key in your famous brand beauty product to see for yourself.

Instead, look to using natural or organic products. Some great options are Jurlique, Dr Hauschka, and if you’d like to choose from a wide range in one store, you can try Bud Cosmetics.

The Story of Cosmetics was recently released, so do take some time to watch it if you haven’t already. In 8 minutes you will find out why it is important to use skincare and cosmetics that feature natural or organic ingredients.

A book on safe cosmetics was just launched in the US, called No More Dirty Looks. It’s available on Amazon here, and we will be getting a copy for ourselves shortly.

If you haven’t already seen the documentary, Chemerical, we hope to do a repeat screening soon. Watch this space!

Image taken from www.style.com


6 thoughts on “Let’s campaign for safer skincare and cosmetics in Singapore!

  1. More than toxic ingredients, the unnecessary packaging for these cosmetics is also a great concern. It will be a boon if there are more companies using bio-degradable packaging or better still use home ingredients for more effective skincare!

    1. I do need a bit of help. I am doing it myself and for a month I had an intern, but a lot of other projects came up in the meantime on the side, and for my day job. Also, it was 50% done, and my webhost got hacked into, affecting my admin account. So am starting from scratch. Do you know anyone who can help? I’ve started a Facebook and Twitter account, and that has been moving.

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