A new Green Drinks Singapore coming your way!

We are in the process of revamping Green Drinks Singapore to something more relevant and exciting. In the works is a brand new website and a new approach to engaging the environmental community.

Already, we are looking at bringing you more interesting and different subject topics for our monthly free talks. So far we have been very fortunate in having people volunteer to speak on topics that are relevant to Singaporeans. For example, Marcus Tay recent talk looked at provided findings on recycling behaviour of NUS students, where in the process he offers solutions on how it can be corrected and also implemented islandwide.

So what other topics can you expect for the rest of the year?

Besides the upcoming session by Steve McCoy that examines the environmental movement and the changes we could look at, planned topics include:

  • What climate change means to Singapore?
  • What are the energy futures for Singapore?
  • How a Locavore diet can easily reduce your carbon footprint (in time for 10:10)?
  • How to raise a green baby?
  • Spirituality’s role in environmental protectionism
  • Architecture and the environment

Watch this space!


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