Green Drinks, July 29 – Sustainability: Changing the way we change the world

Steve McCoy from Green Drinks KL leads the upcoming Green Drinks Singapore session, where he talks about the environmental movement we have in our world today, and examines how we need to relook our approach. A highly regarded individual, Steve has spoken at events like the World Islamic Economic Forum and the International CSR Conference.

In this session, Steve argues that making the move from living in an unsustainable world to a sustainable one in the time we have to do it in requires an end to business-as-usual, not only in the corporate and political worlds, but also in the ‘lets-make-the-world-a-better-place’ world.

Steve will look at the environmental movement and think aloud about whether it has what it takes to see us though to a post-consumer society. If not, then how different does the ‘sustainability’ movement need to be from what has come before – is it a question of a few tweaks here and there, or something much more radical.

Along the way, he will talk fungus and framing, ask whether we all have AIDS now, discuss how not to parachute cats, and look at the essential ‘midwifery’ skills of amoeba dissection, prospicience and thumb-wrestling – all with the aim of provoking thought and stimulating discussion.

Artery is extending their happy hour for us for the duration of the event. Here are the specials:

*House wine, red & white, and house pours – $10 /glass
*Draft beers – $8-$13
*Bottled beers – $9-13
*Champagne – $19/glass (Nicolas Feuillate)
*Shochu – $8
*Soft drinks and juice – $5

We hope to see you there!

About the speaker
Steve McCoy is Founder and Principal of Counterpoint, a consultancy firm providing support services on sustainability for the Corporate, Government and Non-profit sectors.

Counterpoint’s work rests on the simple understanding that the challenges that confront the world today offer a broad canvas of opportunity to secure a better tomorrow, and the conviction that maintaining the status quo is no longer a viable option.

Steve’s passion lies in creating ‘aha’ experiences by brining his passion for inquiry and systems thinking to the discussion table – anticipating emerging issues, clarifying direction, and underscoring the importance of aligning groups around data-driven and evidence-based decision making.

Academically, Steve read medicine, music and theology (not at the same time!) at London and Cambridge. Immediately prior to this, Steve was the CEO of the Force of Nature Aid Foundation working in the long-term recovery of communities affected by natural disasters.

Thursday, July 29, 2010
7:30pm – 9:30pm
Red Dot Traffic Building, #01-04, 28 Maxwell Road

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