Good progress for the EV market in Singapore

TODAY reported that an Electric Vehicle Taskforce has been put together to conduct a feasibility study of electric vehicles on Singapore roads.

S’pore on a firm path to going electric on roads

by Hetty Musfirah


SINGAPORE – The Republic is now one step closer to going electric, with the creation of an Electric Vehicle (EV) Taskforce, said Transport Minister Raymond Lim yesterday.

The taskforce, co-chaired by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and Land Transport Authority (LTA), will spearhead the EV test-bedding programme to assess the feasibility of the EV technology in Singapore’s transport ecosystem.

To encourage the take-up of electric vehicles – which are priced much higher than petrol and diesel-driven vehicles – vehicular tax exemption will be given to attract participation in the test-bedding trial.

The EMA and LTA will jointly develop the necessary charging infrastructure to ensure convenient access to the electricity grid. At the same time, a technical reference for the electric vehicle charging stations has also been developed.

The two agencies have requested for proposals to appoint a Charging Service Provider, which will deploy the charging infrastructure in tandem with the take-up of the EV test-bed programme.

They have received good responses to the request and are evaluating them now, said Mr Lim at the World Urban Transport Leaders Summit.

He also spoke on the need to develop the use of green technologies in the transport sector.

Some of the green endeavours already being pursued include energy-efficient lighting for traffic and street lights, recycled materials for road pavement construction and construction methods that minimise the impact on the environment.


One thought on “Good progress for the EV market in Singapore

  1. Norman Ho had post a concern on EV implementation where additional power generation infrastructure needed on the 25 Jul ST. He had highlighted the challenge of our current/future power generation capacity needed to cope with the additional electric infrastructure for the EVs. Energy cannot be created or destroyed! If we factor out the fossil fuel, we need to switch to another form – alternative energy. We will be expecting many challenge ahead and we have to prepare ourselves and our next generation to start supporting these initiatives. Let’s start creating a green future today.
    Green start from ME :)

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