2nd Kitchen restaurant serving endangered fish

Channel NewsAsia yesterday reported that 2nd Kitchen restaurant at Balestier Road is serving a garoupa that is on the IUCN red list of endangered species (see Green Kampong story).

The restaurant is totally deserving of a boycott!

Restaurant dishes out giant garoupa

By Zhao Quan Yin, Evelyn Choo | Posted: 28 June 2010 2139 hrs

SINGAPORE : The owner of a restaurant in Singapore has reeled in a man-sized Queensland garoupa off the coast of Sabah. And he expects to feed 600 customers with it.

The garoupa weighs 150 kilogrammes and is two metres long. It is so big that it had to be brought in on Monday morning using a forklift.

It took nine fishermen one hour to capture the underwater gladiator, which is now waiting to be prepared by chefs at the restaurant.

There are many ways to cook this S$3,000 purchase – most of it will be steamed, while some parts will be stewed.

Johnny Tan, owner, 2nd Kitchen Restaurant, said: “We’ll split its body into 12 parts, all of which will be prepared differently. They’ll taste different too. The best part of this fish is the throat.”

It could be hard to swallow, but every 200-gramme serving will be sold at S$20. That could amount to a S$15,000 profit for the restaurant!

Over a hundred customers have made reservations for a share of this deep sea wonder. – CNA/al


8 thoughts on “2nd Kitchen restaurant serving endangered fish

  1. Exactly. CNA should say something, and it’s not too late for them to do so. I suppose they didn’t consider checking if it was endangered, since a lot of the time, people do assume that what is caught in the area is kosher.

  2. Yah! I will steamed if I don’t eat steamed fish ah! So? What’s right with you people? What’s the point of being humans? Eat vegies? It is also a living thing ma!

  3. Where is the that animal right extremist ter-rorist? He will do the job! Maybe wrap himself around the dismembered grouper to prevent humans from eating it and to make some publicity news of his cause? What a joke!

  4. Just curious. How come suddenly got so many Queensland garoupa? And how come suddenly Singaporeans so interested in eating them?

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