Launch of Friends of Terra Plana!

Terra Plana invites you this Saturday, May 22, 7:00 p.m to its Mandarin Gallery outlet to present its “Friends of Terra Plana Corner”. They will be presenting two of their first accent brands: Ella from Israel ( and Bird from Australia ( These two brands have wonderful socio-eco stories behind them. Ella is a niche but popular designer in Israel and she will be presenting her special collection of select clothes made out of natural materials. Bird on the other hand is a pioneer sustainable brand from down under with a more colourful and quirkier range.

The mini-launch will serve as a platform to show everyone that environment-friendly fashion doesn’t always have to be frumpy and plain-looking! Fashion is one of the key elements to start with especially when transitioning to a more eco-responsive lifestyle. It’ll be an intimate gathering of friends plus a couple of guest-brands showcasing their sustainable products. Do tune in for a few presentations including one from Ella, herself.

Together with simple food and drinks, a $50 voucher will be given to all attendees who show their invitations. Furthermore, special prizes are up for grabs for that night!

Thank you and we look forward to see you this Saturday!

Please RSVP at 68365348 and look for Marie.


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