NTUC Fairprice recycling scheme

If you’re looking to recycle and benefit charity, consider taking your PET bottles and cans to reverse vending machines at City Square Mall, Ang Mo Kio Hub Xtra and Marine Parade Finest from now to 9 May. Recycle 10 of each and NTUC Foundation, as part as its Fairprice Cares campaign, will donate $1 to the following charities: Rainbow Centre, AIN Society and Bizlink Centre. They will also give you a bottle of water, which we advise you decline :)

As part of this campaign, NTUC Fairprice is also matching the sales proceeds of its reusable grocery bags which will benefit the same charities.

Do recycle best you can, or buy a grocery bag because NTUC is looking to raise $60,000 for its beneficiaries. The clock is ticking!


2 thoughts on “NTUC Fairprice recycling scheme

  1. what is the name of Website/company relate to the Recycle collecting machine at fairprice store at
    Ang Mo Kio Hub Fairprice Store?
    is it the same company in charge also for City Square Mall Fairprice store and Marine Parade Fairprice store
    Can the prize exchange from the recycling coupon collect at Marine Parade store machine ? any dateline?

  2. Hi Bowan, the company’s name is r-m Enterprise.

    It should be the same people because I think they are the only ones that offer this technology in Singapore.

    This particular promotion was over in May, but I’m not sure if new machines have been put up elsewhere. Also, it is all done in store, so you should exchange at whichever location is convenient for you.


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