Earth Day screening of Tapped: Big thanks to all!

Young NTUC's address to the audience

The Earth Day screening of Tapped at NTUC Centre drew 180 people.

We would like to thank Young NTUC for their kind contribution of time, effort and resources, of which this event would not have been possible. In addition, we would like to thank Chris Jensen and ECO Singapore, Eugene Tay, and James Lee for giving presentations on the day.

Tapped gave a revealing look at the real victims of the bottled water industry, no thanks to big players like Nestle –

  1. Residents of municipals losing their rights to water, which is more and more so becoming a scarce resource to these people,  
  2. Residents living near bottling plants, who have developed cancer, and are unable to pick up and move to another town because they are not able to sell their estate due to the unfavourable location
  3. Animals who end up eating the plastic bottles, or what is left of it in the waterways
  4. Us! We are exposed to toxic chemicals in the plastic bottle, and risking cancer

Eugene Tay and Chris Jensen showed us in their presentation that the best solution is to carry a water bottle. To further drive home the point, Eugene conducted a taste test where participants chose a favourite between tap water and Evian. Results showed that there wasn’t much of a difference between the two, based on numbers.

Eugene Tay has also started a bring your own bottle non-profit campaign titled My Water Bottle, and has a lovely website that sells BPA-free water bottles, profits go to an SMU project benefitting residents in Nepal. He is currently in the process of mapping down every drinking fountain available around the island. Green Drinks Singapore is a big supporter of this initiative (and of Eugene Tay also)!

On the evening, James Lee shared the launch of his book exchange service called Green2X, a free book exchange programme. See the website here. A great initiative!

Be sure to check out these sites!

Eugene telling us about his campaign
Chris Jensen from ECO Singapore
James Lee introducing Green2X

4 thoughts on “Earth Day screening of Tapped: Big thanks to all!

  1. Olivia,
    i enjoyed the movie! and thanks so much for putting up the summary.
    hope to see more movies :)

  2. Just a light moment :

    Has anyone ever tried spelling EVIAN backwards?

    Only certain people drink EVIAN water. :)

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