Singapore 350 update


A message from the organisers:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the following changes had to be made:

1. The venue for the Aerial Photo has been changed to Hong Lim Park (nearest MRT is Clarke Quay station).

2. No costumes, placards or unusual walking styles are allowed on the Walkathon.

Below is the program as well as guidelines for participation. Kindly reply to this email to acknowledge that you are aware of and agree to all the terms.

Finally, a short FAQ is included to remind us all of the important reason for this event. Here in Singapore, we’ll be joining with people in over 100 countries to call for urgent action to stop global warming.

We look forward to an enjoyable and memorable day for all!

The Organisers


08:00 – 10:00am Aerial Photo at Hong Lim Park

10:00 – 11:00am Walkathon from Hong Lim Park to SMU

11:00 – 03:00pm Food, prizes, info booths at SMU

There will also be an event called Human Tidal Wave from 3:50pm to 4:30pm, at LASALLE. People in blue will converge on LASALLE and dance – creating a flood of blue covering the campus green.

1. Please be punctual. The nearest MRT to Hong Lim Park is Clarke Quay station.
2. You may choose to participate in only the Aerial Photo and/ or the Walkathon.
3. A certificate of participation will be given out at Hong Lim Park.
4. Please dress comfortably and bring drinking water.
5. For the Walkathon segment, costumes and placards are strictly not allowed.
6. When walking from Hong Lim Park to SMU, please respect all traffic regulations and allow space for pedestrians who are not engaged in the Walk.
7. Marshalls will be stationed at every traffic junction to ensure safety.

By participating in the Aerial Photography session, Walkathon, and other activities related to the event, you agree to be responsible for your own safety at all times. The organisers, Vegetarian Society (Singapore) and ECO Singapore, shall not be held responsible nor liable for any injury or loss of any kind including loss of life that you may sustain during the whole period of the above-mentioned activities.


What is 350?
350 is the safe limit for Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the air. We are rapidly approaching 400. The last time the air was at 400, sea levels rose by 25 meters plus. Most of Singapore is no more than 15 meters above sea level. You can’t grow an economy that’s underwater.

Why are you doing this?
To impress upon world leaders and everyday people the importance of the science behind global warming. You cannot compromise with the science. World leaders must agree to set a global target for 350. The human, social and economic cost of reducing to 350 is far less than the cost of not taking action. Action on climate change makes good business sense.

What do you want world leaders to do?
In Copenhagen in December, world leaders must agree to rapidly reduce carbon levels to 350. Without a binding agreement to reach 350 soon, sea levels will rise, food prices will increase – everyone will lose.

Do you think Singaporean’s care about global warming?
Singapore has become the strong nation it is today because of our courage and foresight through adversity. Singapore is a nation that can be a leader.

Is this an annual thing?
350 has not been done before. We can’t afford to do it again. Further delays on setting a goal for 350 could have unimaginable human, social and economic consequences.

What can people do?
a) Take public transport or walk or bike as often as possible
b) Reduce use of air conditioning or set air conditioning at 25 degrees or higher at home, work and school
c) Look for energy efficient products
d) Switch off appliances when they are not needed
e) Use less hot water
f) Eat less processed food, such as soda and chips. Read ingredient lists; does it look like you are eating someone’s chemistry experiment?
g) At least one day a week, eat only fruit, veg, and other plant foods, instead of food from animals.

Photo taken from‘s Flickr site 


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