Thank you ORIGIN Exterminators!

Greg leading the presentation

Gregory Street and Alan Cheng from ORIGIN Exterminators gave an interesting talk about their environmentally-gentle applications in eradicating mosquitoes, moths and termites. They shared that unlike thermal fogging, which uses a diesel-based projectory system, ORIGIN uses a water-based version, and on top of that, a natural compound that is specific to killing mosquitoes, with no side effects to humans. They have a similar process to killing moths, and have an efficient termite-locating device in the form of Pippi, a beagle that sits when it senses termites!

Also on the night, Kristine from Qi Global shared with us what to expect at their upcoming conference featuring some of Asia’s leaders in sustainability on Oct 8, and Mo from the Vegetarian Society of Singapore (VSS) and his friend from ECO-Singapore invited everyone to the International Day of Climate Action aerial photography shoot on Oct 24.

Thank you all for attending this session, and for helping us grow with each month!

Kristine from Qi-Global
(R-L) Mo and friend, from VSS and ECO Singapore respectively.

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