NUS to submit eco car for German competition


TODAY reported that the National University of Singapore (NUS) will be submitting a hydrogen fuel cell car for the upcoming Shell Eco Marathon to be held between May 7 and 9 in Germany. The competition challenges students worldwide to build a vehicle that can travel further while using less energy, and the winner will be determined after a seven-lap race.

A final year project by the Faculty of Engineering, the team of 10 worked together for 10 months to build the KRUCE, otherwise known by its lengthier name as the Kent Ridge Urban Concept Ecocar. Said to be a zero emissions vehicle, the KRUCE is able to run a distance of 300 km using only 1 litre of fuel, and is noiseless in motion.

The KRUCE will face 66 other cars from 37 countries.

All the best!!!


5 thoughts on “NUS to submit eco car for German competition

  1. I WAS impressed that a group of engineering student can come up with such a nice looking vehicle. “Was” because i found out from my singaporean friend that the design (look) was handled by some nus design team.
    You should acknowledge their effort in my opinion.

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